Help FEFY help our youth!

FEFY is a 501(c)(3) organization and is completely dependent on contributions from generous donors. Through your support you are having a positive and lasting impact on young people’s lives. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

Make your check out to Flight Experience For Youth (or just FEFY).

Please mail donations to:

Flight Experience For Youth
PO Box 411
Warren, VT 05674

You may also donate online via Square.
Please consider adding 3% to cover the processing fees charged to FEFY.


You may also donate via your Donor Advised Fund

To learn more, please email

Thank you for your support!

Thanks also to the following corporate donors for their continued support:

  • Brothers Building
  • Tradewinds
  • De Ramel Foundation
  • Robbins Beaumont Foundation
  • Larsen Fund 

FEFY Board of Directors - Jen Stamp, Eve Silverman, Emilio Arce, Brian Wagner and Danny Burns. Youth Advisors - Tim Wilson and Braden Martens.

How is your donation being used?

  • SSA Line Crew program
    • Annual cost: ~$25,000
    • Number of Line Crew members: 10-15
  • SSA Youth Member annual dues
    • Annual cost: ~$4,500
    • Number of Youth Members: 25
  • SSA Airport Operations Assistants
    • Annual cost: ~$6,000
    • Number of assistants: 2
  • SSA Youth Soaring Camp scholarships
    • 2022 cost: $11,200
    • Number of recipients: 5
  • SSA Youth Soaring Camp counselors
    • Cost: $2,000
    • Number of counselors: 2
  • This year FEFY is proud to provide two youth camp soaring scholarships for an African American youth and a female, transgender or non-binary youth. They are valued at $3,400 a piece.

In addition to the annual programming listed above, over the last 3 years, FEFY has successfully held three special fundraising campaigns, during which it received donations from over 50 different people.

  • 2022 – Tent ($8,000)

    Having a high-quality outdoor tent that can withstand inclement weather and high winds is very important for FEFY, whether it be for its fundraising events, youth soaring camps, or other gatherings.
  • 2021 - Glider purchase and rebuild ($33,000)

    A beloved SGS 2-33, fondly known as the “Intergalactic Thunderslug,” was totaled in a windstorm in 2017. FEFY was able to purchase her and bring her back to life. Given how many instructional flights SSA is doing these days, having a second SGS 2-33 is a huge deal, especially for SSA’s ever-expanding youth programs.
  • 2020 - ‘Workathon’

    We encourage you to watch this video about the ‘workathon’ fundraiser that the Line Crew members held in 2020, a year during which they were unable to fly due to COVID. Note that Gitvik Mamoria, the Line Crew member who made this video, had no prior experience flying drones or editing videos, and that he worked over 100 hours despite breaking his foot during that summer.