If you have always wanted to learn to fly, this is an ideal opportunity for you to experience what it’s all about. SSA’s introductory lessons typically take an hour and include both ground and in-flight instruction in a 2-person glider with a highly qualified FAA-certified flight instructor. Before you take off, you will be taken through a pre-flight inspection and briefed on how the controls work. Then you will be towed to three thousand feet above the airport, and with assistance from your instructor you will operate the controls. Following the completion of the flight, you will receive a post-flight briefing and logbook endorsement.

You have a choice of flying in a high performance fiberglass glider (ASK 21 or PW-6) or the venerable Schweizer 2-33 trainer (click here to learn more about our fleet). Costs are:

  • Schweizer 2-33 - $269 per person*
  • ASK 21 or PW-6 - $299 per person*
    *plus 6% tax

If you take an introductory lesson, you will be eligible for a discount on a training package that includes a logbook and a FAA Glider Flying Handbook, as well as SSA clothing.


  • Our maximum passenger weight is 242 lbs.
  • Our minimum age is 10 years old providing he or she is big enough to be safely secured by the seat belts and he or she is mature and capable of following instructions from the pilot.

Please be advised that flights may be postponed or cancelled if the weather conditions are unsuitable. If this happens, we will attempt to contact you as far in advance as possible.

To book a lesson, please call our office at 802-496-2290 or email us at

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