Outdoor Journal

On February 21, 2017, Vermont PBS aired a nice review of Sugarbush Soaring on their "Outdoor Journal" program.

First Solo

During one of Sugarbush Soaring's 2016 youth camps, Ned Friedman soloed a glider for the first time. Video credit and copyright: Alex Scaperotta

Soaring... Let the Adventure Begin!

The Soaring Society of America has produced a wonderful video introduction to our sport.

Sugarbush Resort

On August 27 2014, Sugarbush Resort featured Sugarbush Soaring on their Weekly Rumble video.

Seven Days

On July 29 2007, a reporter from the alternative newspaper Seven Days took a flight in one of our gliders. Here is how she reported on the experience. Rick Hanson, Dave Ellis, Guy Pfeffermann, and Quincy McDougal star. Her only blooper is a caption indicating that tow release was at 300 feet. I’m sure she meant 3000!