Outdoor Journal

On February 21, 2017, Vermont PBS aired a nice review of Sugarbush Soaring on their "Outdoor Journal" program.

First Solo

During one of Sugarbush Soaring's 2016 youth camps, Ned Friedman soloed a glider for the first time. Video credit and copyright: Alex Scaperotta

Soaring... Let the Adventure Begin!

The Soaring Society of America has produced a wonderful video introduction to our sport.

Sugarbush Resort

On August 27 2014, Sugarbush Resort featured Sugarbush Soaring on their Weekly Rumble video.

Foliage Flight

Our local public access television station took a late afternoon ride with us during peak foliage season. The colors are amazing!

Seven Days

On July 29 2007, a reporter from the alternative newspaper Seven Days took a flight in one of our gliders. Here is how she reported on the experience. Rick Hanson, Dave Ellis, Guy Pfeffermann, and Quincy McDougal star. Her only blooper is a caption indicating that tow release was at 300 feet. I’m sure she meant 3000!