For glider pilots who hold private pilot certificates and want to progress with their FAA ratings, SSA offers advanced training towards the commercial pilot glider certificate. The commercial pilot certificate allows you to carry passengers for compensation and hire. Our highly experienced, FAA-certificated flight instructors will customize your flight lessons to best suit your individual needs. We will help you achieve greater mastery of soaring techniques and can broaden your experience (if desired) in a variety of gliders (including high performance fiberglass gliders).

In order to obtain a commercial pilot glider certificate, you must log a certain number of flights (both dual and solo), pass a FAA written exam, and then pass an oral exam and practical test with a FAA-designated examiner. For more detailed information on minimum requirements for FAA pilot certificates, click here.

We conduct commercial instruction in the most appropriate glider (or gliders) for each student. Click here to see rates on glider rentals and instruction.* Costs of the commercial pilot certificate vary widely depending on each individual’s skill level and prior experience.


  • The maximum passenger weight in SSA gliders is 242 lbs.
  • You need to be at least 18 years old before you can obtain your FAA commercial pilot certificate.
  • A FAA medical exam is not required for glider pilots. However FAA regulations prohibit pilots from flying if they know they have a medical condition which would make them unsafe to fly.

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*If you take lessons, it may be advantageous for you to become a SSA partner, as it qualifies you for reduced instruction and rental rates and insurance coverage in SSA gliders. To find out more, contact our office.