The following videos are a sampling of presentations made by Sugarbush Soaring members.

Flight to Alaska

On Saturday, September 23, 2023, Fabio Schulthess discussed his recent trip to Alaska. He recounted the highlights and the challenges of flying to the last frontier, and showed some of the beautiful photos he took during his adventure.

Soaring the Long Mynd

In April 2022, Graham Ramsden went gliding at the Long Mynd on the English-Welsh border. What was it like to learn winch launching at the Midland Gliding Club? On July 20th, Graham told all!

Adventures in Ballooning

David Tanzer talks about his adventures in ballooning, including a flight he took several years ago to 21,000 feet, which required a lot of planning and coordination!

Flight to Purdue

Silas Scheckel is a Line Crew member who just finished his senior year at U-32 High School in Montpelier and will be attending Purdue University in the fall. He is working on his private pilot glider certificate this summer and earned his private pilot power certificate last year. He is a true aviation addict and will share stories from his trips to the Oshkosh fly-in as well as his flight from Vermont to Purdue in a Cessna 152 during the spring of 2021.

Crop Dusting and Other Tales

John Tracy, former SSA tow pilot and instructor has lived a very interesting and full life. He shares stories of life experiences and lessons learned over the years, ranging from his crop-dusting days in the Midwest to doing carpentry in Alaska.

Travel in a Teardrop Camper

Dane Liebermann is a Line Crew member who just finished his freshman year at Middlebury College and is working on his private pilot glider certificate this summer. Dane loves to travel and will tell us about his year abroad in India (prior to COVID) and a cross-country adventure he took one fall in his home-built teardrop camper.

Diamond Flight

Join Tim Larsen as he tells us about his diamond badge flight in Tennessee along with other exceptional glider flights he’s had over the years.