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SSA offers premium glider training from mid-May through mid-October. We’re fortunate to be able to offer this experience at one of the most beautiful airports in the country. The Warren-Sugarbush Airport is nestled in the Green Mountains and is a premier soaring location. Depending on the weather, on any given day students could experience one of the three forms of soaring lift — thermal, ridge and mountain wave (or in some cases, all three!). In addition to the unique location, another thing that sets Sugarbush Soaring apart is its experienced and professional staff. Our highly experienced, FAA-certificated flight instructors love to instruct and teach the true “stick and rudder” skills often lacking in today’s training environment, and will lay a critical foundation for your skill, knowledge and judgment. Skills that you learn at Sugarbush are transferable to any type of flying that you do in the future, and our instructors will make every effort to make your flight training a fun and enjoyable experience.

We’re delighted that demand for flight training has increased dramatically in recent years. As we are first and foremost a club, we look for new students who have the potential to develop a long-term relationship with Sugarbush Soaring.  This season we anticipate first accepting students (primary or advanced) who have the ability to commit to regular lessons, and with a desire to become active members of the Club. Club membership benefits the student through reduced instruction rates, rental fees, and insurance coverage in SSA gliders.

As resources permit, we will gladly accept students who have short-term goals, are visiting for a limited amount of time, or are not interested in Club membership.

If you would like to pursue flight training with us this season, please complete the 2024 Prospective Student Application form to give us an understanding of your goals and availability, and a  member of our team will be in touch to discuss your interest.

We offer:

The following gliders are available for instruction and rental: two Schweizer 2-33’s, a Schweizer 1-26, two PW-6’s and a Schleicher ASK-21 (click here to learn more about our fleet; click here for rates*).

Students taking flight lessons at SSA can camp for free on the airfield, with 24/7 access to bathrooms. In order to camp alone, students must be 18 years or older.


  • Our maximum passenger weight is 242 lbs.
  • Our minimum age is 10 years old providing he or she is big enough to be safely secured by the seat belts and he or she is mature and capable of following instructions from the pilot.

Please be advised that flights may be postponed or cancelled if the weather conditions are unsuitable. If this happens, we will attempt to contact you as far in advance as possible.

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