Current Job Opportunities

Sugarbush Soaring Association at the Warren-Sugarbush Airport in Warren, Vermont, 0B7, is seeking a highly qualified Certified Flight Instructor-Glider (CFI-G) to join our team for the 2021 season.

Sugarbush Soaring is an active glider operation that specializes in flight instruction with vibrant youth programs with a strong coalition of involved members and supporters. Our operation flies from late May until late October and includes scenic flights for the public, soaring instruction and providing support for member flying. Our Youth Soaring Camps attract teenagers from all over and provides them with a unique experience, flight instruction, exploring aviation and fun activities. Our Line Crew and other youth programs are key to bringing new blood into the sport and aviation in general.

We are looking for someone that is a good fit to the passionate and dedicated culture of our operation, a CFI-G who has the glider/flight experience and who has the passion of teaching. Safety is our top priority and our instructor staff are all responsible to help ensure it stays that way. We work as a team to ensure our students, passengers and members are safe, have a great experience and have fun. We have high standards and are looking for someone that feels the same way. Pay is negotiable depending on experience.

We are also looking for part-time paid tow-pilots to fly our Piper Pawnees. Significant tail-dragger time is necessary for insurance and we are looking for pilots who hold a minimum of a commercial - single engine land and a current second class medical. We consider our tow-pilots to be an integral team member of our operation and critical to our number one priority of safety.

Please send an email of interest to Tom Anderson at:

We are seeking an individual to join our team to manage our café. This seasonal, part time position will be responsible for operation of the café including planning, purchasing and cooking breakfast and lunch at least on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each week from late May to mid October. In addition, Sugarbush has two 7-day camps for 9 campers during July for which all meals are required. We are looking for someone that is a good fit to the passionate and dedicated culture of our operation. The Sugarbush Soaring café serves all members of the soaring operation as well as members of the community who stop by the airport for a meal and to watch the gliders. It is a unique position that can provide an individual with experience in the operation of a small food service business.

For the café position please send an email of interest to Tom Emory at: