For glider pilots who hold commercial pilot certificates and want to progress with their FAA ratings, SSA offers advanced training towards the certified flight instructor glider (CFI-G) certificate. The CFI-G certificate allows you to give ground and flight instruction (and log the associated flight hours), and is a great way to gain experience and share your passion for aviation. As the saying goes, you never really learn something until you teach it! Our highly experienced, FAA-certificated flight instructors will customize your flight lessons to best suit your individual needs.

In order to obtain the CFI-G certificate, you must log a certain number of flights, pass two FAA written exams, and then pass an oral exam and practical test with a FAA-designated examiner. For more detailed information on minimum requirements for FAA pilot certificates, click here.

We conduct CFI-G instruction in the most appropriate glider (or gliders) for each student. Click here to see rates on glider rentals and instruction.* Costs of the CFI-G certificate vary widely depending on each individual’s skill level and prior experience.


  • The maximum passenger weight in SSA gliders is 242 lbs.
  • You need to be at least 18 years old before you can obtain your FAA CFI-G certificate.
  • A FAA medical exam is not required for glider pilots. However FAA regulations prohibit pilots from flying if they know they have a medical condition which would make them unsafe to fly.

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*If you take lessons, it may be advantageous for you to become a SSA partner, as it qualifies you for reduced instruction and rental rates and insurance coverage in SSA gliders. To find out more, contact our office.