Enhanced Pilot Skills

If you want to improve your piloting skills, try soaring! You learn true stick and rudder skills, critical thinking, situational awareness, judgment, discipline and awareness and understanding of weather. With its beautiful scenery, challenging terrain and potential for any one of the three forms of soaring lift — thermal, ridge and mountain wave (or in some cases, all three!), the Warren-Sugarbush Airport is an excellent location to improve your piloting skills. Skills that you learn at Sugarbush are transferable to any type of flying that you do in the future.

Our enhanced pilot skill courses can take many different forms. Some of the areas that can be covered are pilot confidence/skill building, energy management, weather/wind and mountain flying techniques. Soaring requires excellent rudder coordination, a fine touch, a more comprehensive understanding of wind/weather and comprehensive situational awareness.

Our friendly and professional staff will work with you in advance of your visit to develop a customized course that will be satisfying, fulfilling and rewarding. Click here to see rates on glider rentals and instruction.*

To explore possibilities, please call our office at 802-496-2290 or email us at soar@sugarbushsoaring.com.


  • Our maximum passenger weight is 242 lbs.
  • Our minimum age is 10 years old providing he or she is big enough to be safely secured by the seat belts and he or she is mature and capable of following instructions from the pilot.

Please be advised that flights may be postponed or cancelled if the weather conditions are unsuitable. If this happens, we will attempt to contact you as far in advance as possible.