Sugarbush Soaring


Gift certificates are the perfect way to give someone you care about an experience that they will talk about for years. There are different motivations to fly with us, from the technical interest in flight without an engine to the spiritual experience of soaring above the Mad River Valley. We provide a safe, unique and special experience for all our passengers.

We have multiple gift certificate options:

Glider rides:

  • Mad River Valley (20 min ride)
  • Green Mountain Experience (30 min ride)


  • Introductory Lesson in a Schweizer 2-33
  • Introductory Lesson in a fiberglass, high performance ship (PW-6 or ASK 21)

Our gift certificates are good for five years from the date of purchase. All the holder has to do is call us to schedule their flight during our season. If you have any questions please call our office 802-496-2290 or email us

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