Sugarbush Soaring


New members are always welcome!

Sugarbush Soaring is not just a commercial operation – it is also a vibrant club with an active social scene.  We have 50-60 members from all over the country who love flying in the Green Mountains.  On a good soaring day, the airfield is a hubbub of activity – with families picnicing under the tent, kids playing on the grass, various folks relaxing in the gazebo, and of course plenty of gliders circling in the sky above the airfield.  After the day’s flying, there is nearly always something going on.  For a description of events happening this summer, click on the Event Calendar.

Soaring is a special sport, and if you’re interested in joining us in the sky we would love to show you around our beautiful airport.  One way to learn about our club and our sport is to simply drop by.  Anyone on the field would be happy to show you around, answer your questions, introduce you to the instructors and other club members, and let you sit in a glider.

Should you decide to fly with us, you’ll find that is considerably cheaper once you join the club.  For details about the rates, click here.

Please explore our website further, and then come and see us!!  Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (802) 496-2290 or email us at

Are you a pilot or want to join our club?

Sugarbush Soaring is actively seeking both pilots and non-pilots as new members. The Club has conducted an active training program for prospective soaring pilots for over twenty years and has a staff of experienced FAA-certified (Federal Aviation Agency) instructors. A sailplane pilot's license requires a written test and a flight examination. Like most things, earning your license isn't easy, but that makes it all the more rewarding.