Sugarbush Soaring

Line Crew

We have 10-15 Line Crew members, typically ages 13 to 18, on our roster during a given season. Line Crew work on the airport under the supervision of a flight instructor and earn credits toward instructional or solo glider flights. Duties include shepherding commercial ride passengers to and from the gliders, positioning gliders on the flight line, fetching and attaching tow lines to the gliders and the towplane, signaling to launch the gliders when the pilot signals he/or she is ready, recording flight data on the “day sheet”, retrieving the landed gliders, and performing other field chores for which the member has been trained.

For more information, please visit the Line Crew Program or email us at:

Tim Wilson (left) and Braden Martens (right) are leading this year’s Line Crew. Tim is the Line Crew Chief. Both are trainers (they teach new Line Crew the ropes, literally).


Line Crew members at last year’s Flight Experience for Youth (FEFY) fundraiser dinner, posing for a photo in front of FEFY’s newly purchased and restored glider (966, a Schweizer 2-33).