Overnight Youth Soaring Camps

The Sugarbush Soaring Youth Soaring Camps are overnight, week-long summer camps held at the Warren-Sugarbush Airport (0B7), in Warren, Vermont. They are open to youth ages 13 through 18.

SSA has been running these unique and popular camps for over a decade. They are a fantastic opportunity for youth who are passionate about aviation and want to improve their flying skills. Each camper receives ten instructional flights and daily ground school sessions. Topics include aerodynamics, airspace, regulations, glider/aircraft components, launch and recovery procedures, glider maneuvers, soaring techniques and aviation career options. Instructional flights are conducted by our highly experienced, FAA-certificated flight instructors in our two-place gliders (one ASK-21, two PW-6s, and two SGS 2-33s). Advanced, qualified students may also fly in our newly-restored SGS 1-26.

Other activities include kayaking, swimming, sports of your choice (favorites include Frisbee, soccer and manhunt), a bonfire and stargazing. Subject to availability and current Covid regulations, additional activities may include an instructional flight in a 1941 Taylorcraft tail-wheel aircraft and/or a visit to the Burlington International Airport (BTV) Tower and Approach Control Facility.  Meals are provided from dinner on Sunday (night of arrival) to breakfast on Saturday (morning of departure), except for one ‘night out’ for dinner and a movie. We camp out on the airport, so each participant needs to bring a tent and sleeping bag.

If you cannot attend camp, we do offer other flight training opportunities that may fit your needs. For example, you could come to 0B7 with your child and camp together on the field or stay somewhere in the Valley (we can recommend several great options), and he or she can take any number of lessons. A number of youth do this throughout the season and have a great experience.

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  • Our maximum passenger weight is 242 lbs.
  • Maturity, interest in aviation, willingness to learn, sense of adventure. This is the real deal, with no “reset button”; our goal is to make you the best pilot you can be. 

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