Event Calendar 2018

A season of great events at Sugarbush Soaring.

Google Calendar of Events 


Saturday, May 19
Opening Day!!
9.00 – 12.00 am Safety briefing - mandatory for all pilots at Sugarbush Soaring clubhouse. Instructor and Line Crew meetings.
Noon - Club glider assembly and field work - all Club members are asked to participate.
5.30 pm Opening dinner at Mad River Glen's General Stark Pub. Call the office for details, reservations.

Sunday, May 20
9.00 am Club glider assembly and field work continues if not finished Saturday. Annual currency flights for members.

Saturday, May 26
5.30 pm Memorial Day Weekend cook-out
On the deck - Sugarbush Soaring clubhouse

First Saturday of every month during the season
8:30 am Safety meeting and review at the Tower. All members are invited to attend! Please be prompt!

Sunday, June 3
9:00 am, Flight Experience for Youth Kids Day
An introduction to soaring for kids ages 13-17.  Contact the office for details.

Saturday, July 2
5:30 pm, Fourth of July weekend cook-out
On the deck - Sugarbush Soaring clubhouse

Sunday, July 8 to Saturday, July 14 (CAMP 1),
Sunday, July 22 to Saturday, July 28 (CAMP 2), and
Sunday, August 5 to Saturday, August 11 (CAMP 3) 
Youth Soaring Camps
Daily ground school and ten flights for each student during this week of fun.
Camping on the field, students will immerse themselves in aviation for the entire week, including a visit to Burlington Airport tower and approach control facilities. Fun activities include swimming, kayaking, movie night, and just flying in Vermont's Green Mountains! Participants must be age 13-17.
Warren-Sugarbush Airport.
Contact the office at (802) 496-2290 for details.

Sundays July 8, July 22 and August 5
6:00 pm Welcome cook-out for youth campers and their families
On the deck - Sugarbush Soaring clubhouse. Members and staff also invited!

Saturday, September 1
5.00 pm Labor Day Weekend cook-out
On the deck - Sugarbush Soaring clubhouse

Saturday, October 6
5.00 pm Columbus Day Weekend cookout
On the deck - Sugarbush Soaring clubhouse.

Saturday, September 29 - Saturday, October 20
Fall Wave Season
An informal gathering of visiting and local pilots who get together annually to take advantage of the time of year that usually has the best conditions for our impressive Sugarbush - Green Mountain Wave.
Bring your own ship, or check out in Sugarbush's fleet. Daily morning briefings on wave conditions, the wave window, field operations, and FAA regulations. Checkouts as required for those who want to fly our aircraft and those inexperienced in the local area, our airport, or in wave
Social events; no tie-down or camping fees this week.

Saturday, October 20 and Sunday, October 21
Closing Weekend
9:00 am Club glider disassembly - all Club members are asked to participate.
Saturday, 5.30 pm Closing dinner. Location TBA.
Sunday, 9.00 am General membership meeting, Sugarbush Soaring clubhouse. Finish glider disassembly.

In addition to the scheduled club cook-outs, there will be spontaneous cook-outs many weekends throughout the soaring season (weather permitting). Also, the Airport Restaurant may have a few dinners for the Club on other Saturday evenings during the season.. Check the “event calendar” tab on the Website for updates. Announcements of these events will be e-mailed to all Club members a few days before that weekend.

If there is nothing scheduled, Club members are welcome to request use of the grills. Check with the office. Please be sure to clean the grills after use. The propane bottles must be removed and stored outside the building. The grill should be returned to the garage under the airport office after use.