SSA’s non-profit arm, Flight Experience For Youth (FEFY), currently offers several types of scholarships to youth ages 21 or younger:

  • Overnight Youth Soaring Camp - covers full tuition for youth ages 13 to 18 to attend a Sugarbush Soaring Overnight Youth Soaring Camp (YSC). The YSC includes ten flights, meals, ground school, a visit to Burlington Tower facilities, swimming, kayaking, supervised overnight camping on the airfield and other fun activities. During the 2019 soaring season, FEFY will offer two YSC scholarships. The Luke Hammer Memorial Scholarship is for youth from Vermont, while the other is open to all eligible applicants.

  • Pre-solo Prep - provides financial support to students at Sugarbush Soaring who are close to soloing for the first time. The scholarship will allow them to fly more frequently and achieve their goal of soloing sooner.

  • Advanced - provides financial support to students at Sugarbush Soaring who have at least a Private Pilot Glider certificate and are working on a Commercial or Flight Instructor Glider certificate.

These scholarships are funded by charitable contributions to FEFY (a 501(c)(3)).

Other youth scholarship opportunities (outside of FEFY) exist as well. For example, the Soaring Society of America has a number of scholarships for youth of all skill levels... from the pre-solo beginner all the way up through experienced Junior pilots seeking advanced ratings and/or cross-country, wave, or ridge soaring experience ( The Women Soaring Pilots Association (WSPA) also offers scholarships (

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