FEFY Overnight Youth Soaring Camps

The Luke Hammer Memorial Youth Soaring Camp Scholarship covers the cost of tuition for one or two deserving youth to attend a Sugarbush Soaring Youth Soaring Camp (YSC), which is a week-long flight training program for youth ages 13 through 18. The camp includes ten instructional flights, meals, ground school, a visit to Burlington Tower facilities, swimming, kayaking, supervised overnight camping on the airfield and other fun activities.

This scholarship is given in honor of Luke Hammer, who was a key member of the Line Crew program for four years and was the recipient of the 2011 FEFY YSC scholarship.

To apply, please email FEFY (fefy@sugarbushsoaring.com) with a letter of interest that describes who you are, what sparked your interest in aviation, how you think this opportunity will further your aviation goals and what you think you can bring to the YSC.

Scholarships are funded by charitable contributions to FEFY (a 501(c)(3)).

luke hammer
Luke Hammer served as Line Crew Chief from 2012-2014. After receiving his private pilot glider certificate, Luke was checked out to fly in the PW-6, one of Sugarbush Soaring’s high performance gliders.