FEFY Overnight Youth Soaring Camp Scholarships


The Sugarbush Soaring Overnight Youth Soaring Camp (YSC) is a week-long flight training program for youth ages 13 through 18. The camp includes ten flights, meals, ground school, a visit to Burlington Tower facilities, swimming, kayaking, supervised overnight camping on the airfield and other fun activities.

Sugarbush Soaring typically holds two camps each year, in July and August. To find out the dates of the camps and to find out whether there are openings, please contact us at youthcamps@sugarbushsoaring.com.

FEFY’s scholarship offerings vary from year to year, but it awards at least one YSC scholarship each year to a local youth from Vermont. Known as the Luke Hammer Memorial Scholarship, it covers the full cost of tuition. Additional soaring camp scholarships may be available as well (either full or partial). For more information, please contact us at fefy-scholarships@sugarbushsoaring.com.

luke hammer Luke Hammer was the recipient of the 2011 overnight YSC scholarship. He enjoyed the soaring camp so much that he joined our Line Crew, which he participated in for four years. He did an excellent job running the line and served as Line Crew Chief from 2012-2014. He also excelled at flying, earning his Private Pilot glider certificate and progressing into our high performance gliders, eventually soloing in the PW-6. Luke passed away unexpectedly in 2014. Luke’s family and friends set up a memorial fund with FEFY to honor Luke’s life and open up similar opportunities for youth like Luke who have a strong passion for aviation.

Applicants for youth soaring camp scholarships must meet the following requirements:

  • Age 13 to 18
  • Maturity, interest in aviation, willingness to learn, sense of adventure
  • Availability during camp dates
  • Due to restrictions on the amount of weight our aircraft can safely carry (based on FAA regulations), we can only accomodate campers that weigh less than 243 lbs
  • Flights must be taken at Sugarbush Soaring

There are three parts to the application: an online form, an applicant questionnaire (that must be filled out by the applicant, not a parent) and a recommendation form, which should be completed by a teacher or mentor outside of Sugarbush Soaring.

To obtain the application forms, please contact us at fefy-scholarships@sugarbushsoaring.com.

The YSC scholarships are funded by charitable contributions to FEFY (a 501(c)(3)).


danny burns Danny Burns was a recipient of a 2018 FEFY Youth Soaring Camp Scholarship. During camp, he soloed for the first time in the SGS 2-33. Danny is a member of the Sugarbush Soaring Line Crew.