FEFY Pre-Solo Prep

The FEFY Pre-Solo Prep scholarship provides $500 in financial support to students ages 14 to 21 who are close to soloing for the first time. The scholarship will allow them to fly more frequently and achieve their goal of soloing sooner.


  • Ages 14 to 21
  • Student pilot certificate
  • Recommendation from a SSA instructor confirming that he or she is a student in good standing who is close to soloing
  • Flights must be taken at Sugarbush Soaring

In most cases, the flights must be taken during the season the scholarship is awarded but exceptions may apply.

To apply, email FEFY (fefy@sugarbushsoaring.com) with an essay describing your current flight experience and how this opportunity would help you further your aviation goals.

Scholarships are funded by charitable contributions to FEFY (a 501(c)(3)).


First Solo