FEFY Advanced Training


The FEFY Advanced Training scholarship provides up to $1000 in financial support to students ages 21 or younger who have at least a Private Pilot Glider certificate and are working on a Commercial or Flight Instructor Glider certificate.


  • Age 21 or younger
  • Private or Commercial Pilot Glider certificate 
  • Recommended by a Sugarbush Soaring Flight Instructor (who confirms that he or she is a student in good standing who can meet the FAA requirements to attain his or her advanced glider certificate during the 2019 season)
  • Flights must be taken at Sugarbush Soaring

The scholarship recipient will need to pass the appropriate FAA written exam prior to the release of funds, and will need to develop a training plan with the Chief Instructor at Sugarbush Soaring.

To apply, email FEFY (fefy@sugarbushsoaring.com) with:


  1. A letter of interest that describes:
  • Your glider experience (number of total flights, number of total hours, number of flights as pilot in command, what aircraft have you flown)
  • Your power plane experience (if any)
  • How this opportunity will further your aviation goals
  • Your need for the scholarship
  1. A recommendation from a Sugarbush Soaring Flight Instructor



Scholarships are funded by charitable contributions to FEFY (a 501(c)(3)).



jackson markow

Jackson Markow is the 2018 recipient of the Advanced Training scholarship. Jackson has been a member of the SSA Line Crew since 2015 and received his private pilot glider certificate in October 2017.