President's Race

President’s Cup Race   July 1-8, 2017

Dates:Saturday, July 1 through Sunday, July 8 (Weather Permitting)

Course:Mt. Abraham to Scragg Mountain to Blueberry Lake to 0B7 (15.9 mile round robin)


3000 foot tow to Mt Abraham at 4500 ft. MSL then release on course

Start and Turn points: Honor System

Two loops around the course for the High Performance SX Class

Participation:  All SSA Members (for fun only).

Three classes:

  • FX Class Best L/D <30Low performance:SGS 126, SGS 233
  • RX Class Best L/D 30-37Med performance: PW 6, ASK 21, SZD 51 (Jr.)
  • SX Class Best L/D >37       High Performance: Grob 102, LS4, Discus, Ventus, Hph 304

No experience needed.  Everyone can participate, in any or all classes.

Multiple runs on the course are permitted, and only the best time will count.  

Have fun and fly Safe!

Volunteers Needed:  Timers, Air Boss (Monitor Radio), Mathematicians.