Flight Experience for Youth (FEFY)

Sugarbush Soaring Association has established “Flight Experience for Youth” (FEFY) as a completely separate non-profit 501(c)(3) entity to facilitate tax-deductible deductions to support the Club’s youth programs. FEFY’s mission is to offer a new hands-on experience to young people who have a strong interest in aviation. Through this initiative, Club programs will be more accessible to qualifying flight- oriented youth via scholarships and financial aid.

Many of today’s pilots got their start in aviation by pumping gas and waxing airplanes in exchange for flight instruction, but flight instruction costs much more today than ever before. FEFY’s programs offer youth with the necessary interest and mechanical skills the ability to achieve their goals at a reasonable cost.

Flight Experience for Youth performs a civic duty in challenging youth to participate in an adventurous sport and gain a sense of individual accomplishment, which will help them in pursuing their future careers.

Sugarbush Soaring Association provides all of the services required by FEFY. These include use of all the instructional gliders, tow planes, instructors, line crew, and administrative staff. Club members also volunteer their effort toward the success of our youth programs.

If you'd like to donate to FEFY or learn more about the organization, download the brochure, email fefy@sugarbushsoaring.com or call 802-496-2290.