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Learn to Fly. It’s Fun and Challenging!

You could go to a "rating mill" that boasts about how you can "get your license in 9 days," or whatever. We aren't like that, and for good reason. Soaring is fairly basic in the perfect scenario, but can be exceptionally complex under difficult conditions. Instead of rushing you through training and only addressing "blue sky" flying, we give you a robust understanding and a complete skill set, so that you can be a safe and competent pilot in any situation.

That said, Sugarbush Soaring also pioneered the concept of multi-day soaring camps. We know we can make you a better pilot faster if you agree to set aside a block of time in which to learn. There is so much to learn about this great sport and every time you take a break from it, you take a step back in your learning.

In order to reinforce your practical learning and increase your knowledge retention, ground school is included in each course. Here you will learn the safety rules of soaring and the principles and ideas behind how soaring works. You'll be taught how a wing provides lift and how spoilers and flaps provide drag to increase your rate of descent. You will learn about weather and how it affects soaring conditions, the wind and how to use it to your best advantage. You will be shown the basics of navigation.

During each flight, the instructor will work with you on the concepts you've covered in ground school. After every flight, your instructor will debrief you to give you honest and constructive feedback on your performance.

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